How often do you brush your teeth?

If you don’t brush your teeth, what do you do to keep your teeth healthy?

How often should you brush your teeth?

At least after breakfast in the morning and before you go to sleep in the evening.

Is eating sugar good or bad for your teeth?

Bad! When bacteria in bits of food left on your teeth eat sugar they produce acid, and you get holes in your teeth.

Are vegetables and fresh fruit good or bad for your teeth?

Good! Make your teeth stronger.

Are soft drinks good or bad for your teeth?

Bad! As bad as sugar.

Do you have to use tooth paste to brush your teeth?

No, but it is nice and can make your teeth stronger.

How do you cure a toothache?

Rub a drop of clove oil, peppermint oil or sea salt on the sore area.

Can you see bacteria and viruses with your own eyes?

No, you need a microscope. An ant is 1.000 times bigger than a bacteria and a bacteria is 1.000 times bigger than a virus.

Why is hand washing important?

To avoid getting viruses and harmful bacteria into your body through your mouth, nose, eyes and bruises.

How do bacteria multiply?

By division.

How do viruses multiply?

They are parasites on human cells inside our body.

Are bacteria harmful to us?

Some are and many are most useful, for instance for our digestion.

Are vira harmful to us?


For how long can viruses stay alive outside of our body?

Normally from seconds to minutes.

What causes the flu and how do you get it?

Virus causes the flu and you get it from other people f.i. when they sneeze

What causes tuberculosis and how do you get it?

Bacteria causes tuberculosis and you get it from other people who suffer from tuberculosis f.i. when they sneeze.

What causes earache?

Bacteria or virus causes earache.

How do you cure attacks from bacteria and virus?

Antibiotics can defeat bacteria, but not virus. Your immune system can normally defeat both bacteria and virus.

How does a female mosquito get infected with the malaria parasite?

She gets infected when she bites a person who is infected.

How does a female mosquito transmit the malaria parasite to humans?

When the infected mosquito bites a human.

When do the female mosquitoes bite?

Normally between sunset and sunrise.

How can you reduce the risk of mosquito bites?

By using mosquito net, by putting screens on your windowes, by garbage removal around your house, by filling up holes around your house that contains still water and by agreeing with your neighbours to do the same.

Who is most vulnerable to mosquito bites?

Children less than 5 years old, mothers rights after giving birth and others with a weak immune system.

What do our lungs do for us?

They make sure that oxygen from the air gets into our blood and that carbon dioxide gets from the blood to the air. Without these functions we could not live.

What do cigarettes do for us?

Smoking tobacco gives us a high (quicker hearth beat, quicker breathing, happy-feeling).

What do cigarettes ALSO do for us?

Smoking tobacco is addictive and gives us a higher risk of lung cancer, asthma, hearth disease, stroke, cancer of the mouth, larynx, bladder, kidney a.o.