What to do

Your body is fantastic. It can take a lot, but not everything. You should treat it with respect.

Eat healthy food and drink clean water, so that your stomach and intestines feel good. Healthy food and clean water do not contain harmful bacteria and virus. When you don´t have a stomach ache, when your stools are fine and you don´t have a fever, your body is normally fit for fight.

Healthy food is well prepared food. Vegetables must be washed with clean (boiled) water and meat must be boiled or fried.

Drinking water must be boiled.

What to eat

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The food at the bottom of the pyramid should be the main part of your diet, while the things in the tiny triangle at the top you should only enjoy occasionally.

The food between the top and the bottom is healthy, but you should not eat too much of it.

By the way, a very important part of your everyday diet is missing in the pyramid. Which one? Take a guess and find afterwards the right answer by pressing this button.

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What else to do

Your muscles like to be used to walking, running, cooking, cleaning, singing and dancing, but not too much. How do you know, when it is too much? It´s too much when the nerves send messages to your head, that tells you, that it hurts. You can feel it if you make too many push-ups.

If you don´t use your muscles they get weak. If you for instance break an arm, you will find that the muscles of the broken arm very soon are reduced until you are able to use them again.

What not to do

Don´t harm your fine inner organs. If you smoke tobacco or drink too much alcohol your liver, your heart, your kidneys and your nerves are affected, so that they after a while make you sick. Look at these videos:
What happens after smoking 60 cigarettes?

Smoking is harmful

How do you know what to do and what not to do?

Listen to your body! It´s so wise!

What does your body tell you?

  • When you need something to eat, your body gives you a hunger feeling or a stomach ache, that disappear as soon as you get something to eat
  • When you need something to drink, your body gives you a thirsty feeling and perhaps a head ache, that disappear as soon as you get some water to drink
  • When your muscles give you great pain, they are not happy, they want you to stop using them for a while. Otherwise they may break, so that you can´t use them for a week or two
  • When you cough, your lungs or your throat are not happy, something prevents the lungs from having the necessary amount of oxygen
  • When you have a stomach ache your stomach or your intestines are not happy, because the food you have eaten or the water you have been drinking was bad or because you are hungry
  • When you have a head ache your head is not happy. A head ache can be caused by many things, for instance eating and drinking bad food and water.
  • When you have a tooth ache your nerves tell you that you probably have a hole in a tooth because you haven’t brushed your teeth well enough
  • When you have a fever, all your body is not happy, and you´ll must find out, what causes the fever


Your body gives you all the information you need to know, it tells you whether you are well or not

Listen to your body and act on what it is telling you. That´s the key to your good health


  • Now you know how your body works when you want to walk, run, work, cook, sing and dance and
  • you know how you can support your body so that it stays healthy.

But most people are not healthy all the time. They get sick. We now turn to how we get sick and how your body reacts to that. Go to chapter 3.