Hand Washing

You have already learnt that we can get sick, if virus and harmful bacteria enter our body through our mouth, nose and eyes, through scratches of the skin, when we eat and drink and when giving birth.

How can we protect ourselves from virus and bacteria?

The best advice is to keep your hands clean:

  • Wash your hands every time you have been to the toilet
  • Wash your hands before you cook and before you eat
  • Wash your hands when you have been together with someone sick
  • Wash your hands when you have touched soil and unclean water

Watch this video about hand washing:
Hand washing

The importance of hand washing


Having clean hands is the best you can do to avoid getting sick from virus and bacteria

What else can you do

  • You can clean your teeth every morning and every evening
  • You can wash scratches and cuts of your skin with clean water and afterwards dress the wound daily with clean linen
  • When you have caught a cold you should avoid coughing and sneezing, when you are close to other people
  • You can clean vegetables thoroughly with clean water before eating it
  • You can boil and fry meat thoroughly before eating it

And Finally

  • You can avoid mosquito bites by sleeping under a mosquito net
  • You can remove still water pools close to your home so that the mosquitos can´t place their eggs there
  • Make sure that help in relation to delivery is performed with clean hands and boiled water
  • Use condom when you are having sex, unless you want to have children.

Whats Next

  • By now you know how your body works,
  • how you can make your body healthy and strong
  • what happens if you get sick and
  • how you avoid getting sick

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